Seth Ivey​

A real estate agent is defined as, “a person who sells and rents out buildings and land for clients,” but Kathy Munz is this and so much more. I am writing this letter today to inform you about an amazing employee you have working for you, Kathy Munz. I started talking to Kathy about a year ago when I was looking for a rental in Indiantown, FL. Within minutes of first talking to Kathy, she searched for rentals in that area but only one rental was available and Kathy called the listing agent and within minutes asked me when I wanted to see it. I was thinking to myself, wow, “this lady is very nice, prompt, and fun to talk to” which is not the normal personality of people in society today. I then told her I had to move to the west coast of Florida and would be unable to move to Indiantown and therefore was not in need of her services anymore. Before I got off the phone, she told me if I need anything just call her and if I needed an agent, she could find one for me. A few days go by and Kathy checks on me to see how we were doing in the house search even though she was not even my agent. A few months go by of her checking in with me and never losing touch and the I call her and say, “Kathy, I can live in Fort Pierce or Port Saint Lucie but have to be within a certain distance,” from a work address I gave her. Within minutes, she had rentals sent to me and asked if I would like to see any of them. We actually ended up going to about 15 or 20 properties, most on weekends and nights, but nothing seemed to work out. Not once did Kathy ever say you need to pick a house now, she kept saying let’s go see the next one. She always said it with a sincere smile and her cheerful personality. A few more properties later and I asked Kathy if I could purchase a home. She replied and said yes and I have a mortgage person (which turned out to be great) if you are interested we can go see some homes. About 6 days later, I was putting an offer on my home. Kathy took care of everything and when I say everything she broke down everything I needed to do and if somebody needed to be contacted she took care of it. I really can’t say enough about Kathy. Kathy was in constant contact with me and it did not matter what time of the day it was. I have since closed on my house and had a few hiccups along the way, which without Kathy I would not have been able to close. She went above and beyond her title of real estate agent to super woman. Kathy is the sweetest, most compassionate and knowledgeable person I know. I really do owe everything to her and now have a place to call home. I really think my story should be passed along to as many Keller Williams people as possible because people need to know what an amazing employee Keller Williams has. I will forever be a returning customer and recommend all of my work to Kathy Munz and Keller Williams due to fact that I was treated like family. Kathy and I have become great friends and I cherish the friendship we built. Thank you,
Seth Ivey

— Seth Ivey​